Sport nutrition advice for beginners

1. Water

You need to drink a lot — 2 liters a day and even more. If you drink less water, you need to accustom yourself to this amount gradually. There are even special programs for smartphones that allow you to track the amount of water you drink. You can buy mineral water without gas. But during training, you will still have to use isotonics to replenish minerals.

2. Isotonic drinks

The important thing is that we lose a lot of salt during training, and drinking only water is very dangerous. The author of the Triathlete's Bible, Joe Friel, notes that a lack of sodium can lead to death under heavy loads, and such cases, unfortunately, have taken place. This happens if you drink water in hot weather or under intense loads, ignoring salt sources (isotonic drinks or capsules / tablets with salt).

3. Vitamins

There are special vitamin complexes for athletes — the same multivitamins, but with an additional dose of potassium, magnesium, calcium. However, they are not much different from the usual multivitamin complexes. In any case, it will be useful to consult a doctor before starting regular sports — it is likely that your body will need additional support.

4. Carbohydrate gels

This is an energy boost for the duration of competitions and especially long training sessions. I recommend Nutrend or Isostar if you don't like the consistency of honey — the other gels have a thicker consistency and taste too sweet, as a rule. Isostar also has tasteless gels. The main thing is to try different options and have those that you like and do not cause stomach problems with you for the competition. You never need to eat something completely new at the races.
Any gel should be washed down with water. Therefore, it is worth getting gel at the race when you see a food point where you will be offered water. Gels with caffeine can help a lot when you lose concentration or are very tired. It is worth alternating them with the usual ones.

5. Chondroity

Dietary supplements for joints, a very useful thing for serious running loads to keep the knees normal. But for a safety net, it will suit everyone who has a large monthly mileage. Chondroprotectors — drugs containing chondroitin — will not save with arthrosis or serious injury — they will need to add a doctor's visit, physiotherapy, exercises, ointments and so on. But they are quite suitable for prevention.
Proper nutrition